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AcuRite Digital Weather Station



The AcuRite Digital Weather Station is your own personal Meteorologist!

Say goodbye to unpredictable weather reports from your local TV station by monitoring the weather yourself with the AcuRite Digital Weather Station.  Stop relying on unpredictable broadcasts that tell you whether to wear a poncho today or bring your snow boots which may leave you disappointed when it never rains or snows as predicted.  Monitor the weather and plan your day accordingly with the AcuRite weather station that displays up to date weather information in color on an LED indoor display.  The indoor display features indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, the weather forecast, an indoor humidity level indicator, barometric pressure with 12-hour history chart, Intelli-Time clock and date which automatically updates to Daylight Savings Time.  The humidity indicator lets you know the ideal humidity level for your indoor environment and health.  With patented self-calibrating technology, the digital weather station will accurately forecast the weather for 12 to 24 hours per day conveying to you valuable information on various weather parameters.  The digital weather station collects data from a sensor that can be hung in a tree in your backyard or somewhere outdoors where it is fully exposed to the elements.  The information gathered by the sensor for your location is transmitted wirelessly to the LED color display indoors.  Mount the display on your wall for ease of viewing or simply place it on a table with the included support.  The 9.8” height x 7.5” wide x 1.3” deep display features adjustable brightness settings for viewing in all lighting conditions.  Up to the minute accurate monitoring of weather conditions, the weather station is updated every 16 seconds with outdoor weather conditions and every 60 seconds with indoor conditions.  Indoor display is powered by an included power adapter or 3 x AA batteries not included for portable use.

The Cost? $57.34


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