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Steakchamp Smart Steak Thermometer



The Steakchamp Smart Steak Thermometer – Make sure your Steaks are cooked at the right temperature!

If you are like many who like your steaks rare then the Steakchamp Smart Steak Thermometer will not only make your steaks nice and juicy but will also protect you from dangerous Salmonella and E-Coli bacteria by making sure your steak is cooked to the right temperature.  Simply insert the Steakchamp into your favorite steak, slap it on your grill and measure the internal temperature with the LED display.  Flashing LED lights indicate that your steak is medium rare, medium or medium well.  The Steakchamp is not only for the steak lover but can also be used with beef steaks, salmon steaks, tuna steaks, pork loins, game, lamb or whole fish.  With the Steakchamp your medium well will never be dry or overcooked again and your rare will be juicy and succulent.  When grilling multiple steaks, you can use the Steakchamp as a reference probe to make sure all your steaks are being well cooked.  Your health is at stake when you eat undercooked meats.  Protect your health and enjoy steaks that are cooked to perfection with the Steakchamp thermometer.  Made of stainless steel and chalk soda glass and works with one internal non-replaceable battery that is good for over 1,000 uses.

The Cost? $59.99


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