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Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard



The Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard – A fusion of vintage style with modern technology!

With an over-abundance of modern electronic devices, we can appreciate the beauty and aestheticism of vintage electronics.  With the Qwerkywriter Retro Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard we can appreciate the fusion of vintage style design with modern electronics.  This keyboard is not for those that punch one key at a time but for those who love and appreciate the art of typing.  The feel of the keys under your fingers as you press away at lightning speeds to complete your next book or submit that term paper is something not to be underestimated by those who love the art of typing.  With the Qwerkywriter retro keyboard you can experience typing on a vintage style manual typewriter instead of punching letters and numbers on a digital touchscreen that is so common in today’s tablets and portable computers.  The Qwerkywriter is really a collectible item, something to keep as a souvenir for it resembles an old manual typewriter with aluminum housing and the only modern electronics within it is its Bluetooth enabled capability which allows it to be synced with your tablet or computer and use it as your keyboard.  The typewriter inspired keycaps have that ubiquitous concave surface with touch-type support and chrome rims that were so common in vintage typewriters.  To simulate the clicking noise associated with vintage typewriters, the Qwerkywriter keycaps are built on mechanical switches so they produce the clicking sound when depressed.  Finally, the Qwerkywriter enter key is the familiar chrome carriage return lever that were so common in vintage typewriters.

The Cost? $349.99


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