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Wilson Sony Smart Tennis Sensor



The Wilson Sony Smart Tennis Sensor improves your game by monitoring your performance!

To become exceptional at a task you constantly have to analyze your performance each time you perform that task.  The Wilson Sony Smart Tennis Sensor helps you to become an exceptional tennis player by gathering and analyzing data from your tennis session every time you play the game.  Analyze your performance by attaching the Sony Smart sensor to the butt cap of your tennis racquet and watch it send real-time data to the Sony sensor App on your smartphone or tablet.  Data, such as ball impact spot, ball spin, ball speed, your swing speed and reaction timing are automatically stored after each session giving you full access to information that may help to improve your game.  Play reports are automatically generated so you can revert back and analyze your performance after each session.  The live mode video function records each shot along with actual video footage to provide real-time analysis of your performance.  The Sony Smart sensor is compatible with most late model tennis racquets and doesn’t require you to spend extra money purchasing a brand new racquet.  Includes 1-Sensor, 2-attachement units (SO1 & HD1), 1-charging cradle, 1-cradle cap, 1-micro USB cable, 1-removal tool and 1-carrying bag.

The Cost? $199.00



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