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LapDome Portable Sun Shade & Weather Protecting Carrying Case



The LapDome Portable Sun Shade & Weather Protecting Carrying Case Protects Your Devices & Privacy!

Protect your devices from the elements and protect your privacy from prying eyes with the LapDome Portable Sun Shade & Weather Protecting Carrying Case for your laptop, tablet and smartphone.  Whether you are an internet entrepreneur or an office worker who need to use your laptop in all weather conditions while traveling, the super lightweight collapsible laptop computer carrying case pops open to shade and protect your laptop, tablet and smartphone while also providing screen visibility from sun glare while you sun bathe on the beach with an included glare shield that blocks the reflection on the screen in bright light conditions.  Designed for cell phones, tablets and laptops up to 17 inches, the weather protecting carrying case has an opening in the back for cables and a lockable front zipper to keep your devices tucked and secure.  For added usability, the carrying case can be transformed into four different modes; stow mode where the LapDome folds into a tiny included stow bag measuring 12”x12”x1” to fit in any standard bag or briefcase.  Slim Mode where the LapDome collapses around your laptop using the exterior Velcro straps and can be transported in a larger back pack or suitcase for long distance transport.  The Carry Case Mode where the LapDome secures your laptop inside using a Velcro strap leaving plenty of room for chargers, cell phones, wallets, lunch, beach towels etc. and can be transported with the included adjustable shoulder strap.  Finally, the LapDome Mode which allows you to use your laptop virtually anywhere outside, protecting your devices from the elements while providing privacy and sun shade.  Manufactured of high quality water-resistant UV material and guaranteed to last for years to come.

The Cost? $69.99


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