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PowerUP 3.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane



The PowerUP 3.0 App Controlled Paper Airplane – Make and Fly Paper Airplanes from your Smartphone!

Don’t you wish something like this existed when you were young and love to build and fly paper airplanes? Well you can still enjoy this amazing hobby with the PowerUp 3.0 App-Controlled Paper Airplane that allows you to build, fly and control any paper airplane you make.  Instead of just tossing your paper airplane into the wind for a few seconds of flight, with the app controlled paper airplane you can enjoy up to 10-minutes of controlled flying time. First build your paper airplane, then slip your PowerUp 3.0 app controlled airplane propeller-stalk onto your paper airplane by clipping to the front of the paper airplane with the propeller sticking out the back end.  Load up the app in your iPhone or Android device and you will be able to control your paper airplane right from your phone.  Control thrust and speed with a virtual throttle on your phone and tilt your phone for steering left right or up and down.  With twenty minutes of USB charging you will enjoy ten minutes of flight time.  The device connects to you Bluetooth smart compatible device with a wireless range of up to 180 feet.  The app features, a magnetic compass, charging status indicator, thrust level indicator, ascend/descend lever, artificial horizon, battery level indicator and range indicator.  With precision thrust to assist when banking, you will enjoy a flying experience that is smooth and precise.  Made of carbon fiber frame with crash proof bumper and measures 8-1/4” in length. Includes PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module, display case and mount, micro-USB charging cable, spare rudder, spare propeller, 4 paper templates, and a quick installation guide

The Cost? $49.99


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