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ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker



The ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker lets you brew espresso the traditional way!

This is the ROK Presso Manual Espresso Maker that will take you back in to the time when coffee making was an art and best done manually instead of electronically as it is done today.  This unique vintage style Espresso maker will serve you a warm delicious cup of quality espresso by a little effort on your part.  With no electrical power utilization, this machine is a truly eco-friendly coffee maker which utilizes a little muscle power to produce espresso.  The only power required is that used to heat the water to produce the espresso which is done independent of the machine.  Use at home, while camping or anywhere where you have the space and time to create a high quality handmade espresso. The espresso machine works by using trapped air to force water through the ground coffee at high pressure regulated by the movement of the two arms which you control.  For a faster brew simply press down on the arms faster and for a stronger more well infused brew take your time and gently press down on the arms.  This mechanical approach to preparing high quality espresso will inspire inquisitive minds wherever you use the machine.  Spotlighted by GQ magazine as one of the “Best Stuff of 2012”, the ROK espresso maker is environmentally friendly and made of high quality durable material that is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Cost? $154.99


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