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H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkeling Mask



The H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkeling Mask  – An advanced Snorkeling Experience!

This is the snorkeling mask that you would want to have when you go snorkeling this summer. The H20 Ninja Full Face Snorkeling Mask is a uniquely designed advanced technology snorkeling mask that allows you to breathe effortlessly underwater as you take in the beauty of the underwater environment.  The advanced snorkeling mask comes in two pieces.  The full face mask that resembles a deep sea diving mask covers the entire face unlike traditional scuba diving masks that only covers the eyes with a mouth piece apparatus for breathing.  The full face mask coupled with the snorkel that attaches to the top of the mask is a highly efficient design that maximizes oxygen gathering and overall comfort when snorkeling.  The mask provides a clear full field view underwater all while keeping sea water away from your face.  The Ninja mask is so advanced that if you decide to dive deeper for a better experience, the snorkel will not flood with water even though it is fully submerged.   One size fits all, the mask will fit a variety of head sizes snuggly and comfortably.  Snorkel like a pro with the Ninja Full Face Snorkeling Mask

The Cost? $165.00


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