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Fast Clip Utility Pocket Knife



The Fast Clip Utility Pocket Knife packs a powerful punch in a small size!

This is probably one of the smallest folding knives you will come across but don’t judge the book by the cover, this Fast Clip utility pocket knife will do the job of its larger counterparts the same or even more efficiently.  Thanks to its black spear point blade which is designed to be sharp and durable, this is one blade you don’t want to underestimate.  The powerful tiny blade cuts through the toughest items and may very save your life in a life threatening situation.  The size of a pack of sugar and thick as three packs of sugar stacked on top each other, the Fast Clip blade will fit snuggly and securely to the pocket of your jeans with  the built in aluminum casing and clip.  The entire knife measures 3.75” in length with the blade extended and 2.25” in length with the blade retracted and weighs a mere 2 ounces.  The black spear blade is made with 420-stainless steel and measures approximately 1.5” in length when extended.  Small is in and it doesn’t take a large ax to cut a tall tree, the fast clip utility pocket knife with a highly efficient blade will do the job just fine and pack an even more powerful punch.

The Cost? $8.99


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