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Opolar Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler



The Opolar Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler Keeps your Laptop from Overheating!

With the computing power of modern laptops, sometimes the standard fan is not enough to keep the microprocessor cool and cozy while you are running your favorite gaming software, surfing the internet and running that analysis software for your work next morning.  Every laptop is susceptible to being taxed by microprocessor overload which results in overheating and leads to an inevitable systems crash.  The key to keeping your laptop cool and comfy when running programs that tax your microprocessor is to use the Opolar Vacuum Fan Laptop Cooler, a device that uses a vacuum fan to suck heat out of your air vents.  The Opolar compact vacuum system is easy to attach to your laptop and adds to the efficiency of the heat dissipating fan installed in your device.  Forget about using heat dissipating sinks that increase the thickness of your laptop by elevating it to allow air to circulate underneath.  The Laptop cooler leaves a small signature when in use and resembles a hard drive connected to your laptop.  To install, first put on the adhesive mounting plate over your laptop air vents, attach the junction plate and install the vacuum cooler.  Once connected the vacuum cooler rapidly reduces internal temperatures of your laptop by 18-50 F degrees and ultimately cools the surface of your machine.   Thirteen different speed settings manage airflow and noise so you can find the setting that is comfortable for you.  The Opolar Laptop Cooler is an investment worth having especially in today’s high computing intensive work and play environments.

The Cost? $25.35


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