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Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor Portable Fuel Cell



The Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor Portable Fuel Cell Powers your devices while Camping or during an Outage!

While you may get the impression that this is some kind of nuclear device, no need to worry this will not turn you and your home into glass but rather provide you with life-saving power when you cannot access a power source or when the grid goes down in a disaster or storm.  The Brunton’s Hydrogen Reactor Portable Fuel Cell delivers renewable power to your portable devices by utilizing fuel cell technology which combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity heat and water.  The electrical energy is produced by a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen similar to what occurs in a conventional battery.   The difference is the fuel cell will produce electricity as long as the hydrogen fuel is available and never loses its charge.  The Brunton Hydrogen Reactor will produce electricity without any toxic chemicals or radiation so you do not have to worry about your hair falling out.  Power your devices for hours with the 2 included hydrogen cores, each capable of 6 iPhone recharges.  The 5v, 2amp output is enough to power devices such as your smartphone, tablet, computers, UV water purifiers, rechargeable lights, portable game consoles, GPS devices and more.  The reactor can be used in all weather conditions which make it ideal for camping and any outdoor activities.  Small, compact, lightweight and durable, the reactor comes with 2-hydrogen cores and your choice of black, orange or yellow encasement.

The Cost? $99.95


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