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Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock



The Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock Uses a piece of the Cold War to tell the time!

If you are fan of iconic timepieces then this Luminous Electronic Bargraph Clock will make a great item to add to your collection.  This ingenious clock uses Cold War Era gas discharge tubes which are built into the beautiful vintage wooden box.  It tells the time by utilizing one gas tube for hour and the other tube for minutes.  Place the clock on one end and one tube will display a pendulum animation and the other a countdown.  Place it on the other end and it becomes a sound level meter that displays the intensity of the noise within your environment.  LED indicators shows which mode the clock is in and you can flip it over and shut it off entirely and store the time.  Handmade and durable the clock is not only a beauty to behold but extremely precise.   Three modes allow the clock to be used as a clock, timer or sound-level meter.  To increase performance and longevity of the tubes, the manufacturer designed the clock below the tubes operation point.   Also plugging in the clock starts a sequence that preheats the tubes to prolong the lifetime of the tube.    The exterior box is made of plywood coated with lacquer.  Manufacturer recommends this clock be used indoors away from direct sunlight and humid environments.  Measures 7”X4”X3” and weighs 0.6 lbs.

The Cost? $229.99


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