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Planetary Glass Set



The Planetary Glass Set – 10 Drinking Glasses Wrapped with Images of the Sun & Planets!

The next time you are having a drink with friends and the unlikely topic of the universe comes up, wouldn’t it be nice to be having your drinks out of one of these planetary glasses?  The planetary glass set comprises of 10 glasses with the image of the planets heat wrapped onto the outside of each glass.  The Pluto glass is a little smaller than the other 8 glasses which are identical and the sun glass is the largest of course to mimic the size of the sun in relation to the 9 planets.  We are not sure why the Pluto glass is included since as we know it was demoted from planetary status recently.  The makers of the planetary glass set may simply want to keep the original 9 planets that are familiar to all.  Each glass of the 8 planets has the capacity to hold 10 ounces of your favorite beer or spirit, the Pluto glass holds 4 ounces and the Sun glass holds 16 ounces.  The set is made of blown glass with the exact images of the planets as they appear heat wrapped using high temperatures to the outside face of each glass.  Great for your backyard parties and learning about the universe, these planetary glasses will be sure to turn heads and will make a great conversation piece.  The only drawback is you will have to wash these glasses by hand since they are not dishwasher safe or microwaveable.

The Cost? $34.99


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