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Path Illuminating LED Shoe Lights


Image of LED-Shoe-Lights

The Path Illuminating LED Shoe Lights will Keep you Safe and Visible after dark!

While this may look funny on your feet it’s nonetheless one of the safest things you can place on your body after dark. Never stumble again and allow motorist and pedestrians to see your presence with the path illuminating shoe lights. The pair of LED shoe lights attach to the laces of your shoes to illuminate your path ahead so you never stumble on uneven pavement. Ideal for those who like to jog or bike after dark, the LED shoe lights will easily alert motorist to your presence. Each light produces 75 lumens, throwing light up to 15 meters in front of you across a 270º field of view. The LED’s shoe lights will not add any weight to your feet, they are ultra-lightweight, water resistant and will clip securely to your shoelaces without interfering with your jogging or biking. The LED shoe lights are easier to carry around than a flashlight allowing you to be hands-free while doing your activities after dark. Similar to an automobile, rear facing red LED lights alerts approaching vehicles that you are on the road. Walk, jog or bike safely at nights for 4-8 hours on one charge of the Li-ion battery. Measures 1” height x 2.5” width x 2.75” depth, weighs 1.5 ounces each and Includes USB recharging cable and carrying bag.

The Cost? $59.95



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