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Vicious Circle Disk Pendant Utility Blade


Vicious Circle-Disk-Pendant

The Vicious Circle utility blade – An everyday tool or a deadly weapon in an unassuming pendant!

Having a blade handy is important especially if you need to quickly open a box, cut a piece of tape, cut or remove something or even as a self-defense weapon to fend off an attacker. The Vicious Circle is a disc pendant utility blade over an inch and a half in diameter. When you grab it and pull down on it with a rolling motion a small hawbill blade with trigger lock disengages from the cord. The cord and bailout key remains around your neck while the hawkbill blade with trigger lock is in your hands and ready to be used. When you are finished using the blade you can slot it right back into the knife and turn it back into an unassuming pendant. The vicious circle ambidextrous ring knife is a great utility tool that will come in very useful in the least thought of situations. The pendant assembly comes in a polished finish with black pearl accents or stonewashed (matte) finish with carbon fiber accents and suspended on a 35” adjustable cord with fish-hook-style closure. Measures 1.75” with a 1.5” stainless steel hawkbill blade and weighs 1.6 ounces. Includes cord, knife and bailout key.

The Cost? 64.99


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