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Virus Destroying UV Air Purifier



The Virus Destroying UV Air Purifier Disinfects The Air in Your Home and Work Space!

Protect your family and keep your home or work space disinfected from the influenza virus with the Virus Destroying Air Purifier. This FDA approved UV air purifier uses UV light to destroy the influenza virus as well as other harmful allergens, impurities and bacteria that may be lurking in the air of your home or office. The virus destroying UV air purifier eliminates 99% of airborne germs in an 800 square foot room by using a three-phase cleanse every 20 minutes to keep your home or office free of pathogens. The purifier works by drawing air into the tower, where baffles slows the speed of the air to ensure thorough treatment. Ultraviolet light is then applied to the air to kill viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, once the air is thoroughly disinfected a titanium-oxide coating breaks down odor-causing volatile compounds while a carbon treated screen traps dust, pet dander, and other allergens. After this exhaustive process the purified air is then released back into the environment. The cycle repeats itself every 20 minutes to thoroughly purify the air in your home, bedroom or office work space. Small enough to place on a desk or shelf without being noticed, the air purifier packs a powerful punch in a small device and uses the same UV technology trusted for sanitation in the healthcare industry to disinfect from seasonal flu virus, H1N1 and other respiratory pathogens. Safe for use, the purifier will not emit UV rays or dangerous Ozone. The UV cartridge last for up to 9000 hours of use without needing to be replaced. Plugs into any AC outlet. Measures 32” height x 10.5” width x 12.5” depth and weighs 14.75 pounds.

The Cost? $499.95


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