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Handcrafted Hippopotamus Sofa



The Hippopotamus Sofa – A Luxurious Handcrafted Work of Art!

A hippopotamus is a great animal to observe on an African Safari but who would think of bringing this beast into your living room? Well someone had the crazy idea of carving a sofa out of the body of a life size hippopotamus and it truly is a work of art. The hippopotamus sofa is handcrafted and required over 400 hours to painstakingly craft the intricate details of a hippo’s body down to the finest detail. The hippo’s barrel shaped body is formed by a rounded steel frame including its massive snout and stubby legs. The sofa which can actually double as a love seat for you and your partner is carved into one side of the Hippopotamus leaving the other side to display the full, imposing form of this amazing animal. The sofa seat and backrest are made from supple, tufted full-grain leather while the rest of the Hippo is covered in pebbled leather-like polyurethane which simulates the texture and ruggedness of he Hippo’s hairless skin. The Hippo is a powerful rugged animal that can be aggressive and unpredictable in the wild. While the cost is extremely extravagant, if you are wealthy enough to own this piece of handcrafted genius, the Hippo sofa will provide a powerful imposing sculpture of this animal in your living room and will be an ideal place for reading, studying or entertaining guests who would surely be mesmerized by the Hippopotamus imposing form.

The Cost? $95,000



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