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Tracer 360 Illuminated Vest



Stay Safe and Visible at Night with the Tracer 360 Illuminated Vest!

Its dark and warm outside and you have the compelling feeling to go for a stroll or take out your bicycle and enjoy a ride around your neighborhood. Strolling or riding at night doesn’t have to be unsafe anymore with the Tracer 360 illuminated vest which keeps you highly visible to motor vehicle traffic. Ideal for bicycle or motor bike riders, the illuminated vest uses the full color spectrum in special illumination modes to keep you highly visible. The vest looks like something out of a futuristic sci-fi movie and will not only make you visible but will draw attention to your presence. Unlike uncomfortable traditional safety vests that are difficult to wear for lengthy periods of time, the tracer 360 vest is lightweight can be worn over a t-shirt, jacket or any garment and connects with shoulder and waist straps for ease of wearing. No more feeling uncomfortable and hot this summer wearing traditional safety vests, get your hands on the tracer 360 and ride in comfort and safety.   The Tracer 360 vest stays uses the latest LED and fiber optic technology and visual science to make you stand out like never before. The vest stays lit all the time unlike traditional reflective vests that are only illuminated when in the path of headlights which is too late for you to get out of the way to safety. The vest is low profile and easy to use with an integrated battery and electronics enclosure in the vest with super bright CREE LEDs. Made of water resistant durable, chaff-free elastic belt materials and can be worn in any weather condition. If you ride or stroll after dark, stay safe and visible with the Tracer 360 illuminated vest.

What’s the Cost? $65.00 (
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What’s the Cost? $65.00 (

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