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Magic LED Rainbow Shower head


Magic LED Rainbow Shower head

The Magic LED Rainbow Shower head Adds Fun & Relaxation to Your Showers!

Taking a shower should not be a boring experience. With the Magic LED Rainbow Shower head you can add fun and relaxation by not only bathing but basking in the beautiful rainbow colors projected from the LED lights built into the shower head. If you take showers in a darkened bathroom, the LED rainbow lights will illuminate your bathroom shower with stunning colors and provides a spa like environment for you to enjoy. For safety the shower head uses no electricity or batteries but water pressure to create the illuminating experience in seven different colors of the rainbow; white, yellow, orange, red, pink, blue and green. The shower head is well crafted with attractive chrome finish and easy to install, simply unscrew your current shower head and replace with the LED rainbow shower head. In seconds you will be ready to enjoy the exhilarating spa-like effects of showering in the warm glow of the rainbow colors. With the Magic Flow technology the water consumption does not exceed 2.5 gallon/min at 80psi. The shower head will fit easily to any ½’ shower hose not included.

What’s the Cost? $40.00

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