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Space Saving Upright Bike Stand


Upright Bike Stand Upright Bike Stand

The Space Saving Upright Bike Stand Stores Your Bike in Less Space!

If you live in a small home or apartment and own a bicycle, storing it is always a major problem. With the space saving upright bike stand you reduce the amount of space it takes to store you bike by storing it upright. Simply guide your bike’s rear wheel into the stand, lean it backwards and secure it upright with the included strap. Besides conserving valuable floor space, the upright bike stand is also gentler on the wheels and gears because it doesn’t put pressure on spokes or touch the derailer. The upright bike stand is made of high strength durable, rust-proof plastic, the patented stand requires no mounting or drilling and has no moving parts. The stand can be assembled quickly without any tools and put to use immediately. Built in suction cups on the free standing base prevents the bike stand from sliding. The bike stand is beautifully designed and accented with nice colors and will look great even in your living room. The bike stand is affordable and a must have if you are a bike with space requirements in your living quarters. The stand can be used with bikes with 12” to 29” wheels, up to 2½” wide. Measures 16” height x 17¼” width x 18½” depth and weighs 5 pounds.

What’s the Cost? $119.95

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