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Automatic Pet Dog Water Fountain

Automatic Pet Dog Water Fountain Automatic Pet Dog Water Fountain
The Automatic Pet Dog Water Fountain Never Leaves your Pet Thirsty!

Tired of putting bowls of water for your pet dog? Now you can use this ingenious Automatic Pet Dog Water Fountain that allows your pet to have a drink on its own. With simple training your dog will know how to put its paws on the paddle to allow the water to gush up just like a water fountain allowing your dog to drink freely. Even though this is an outdoor pet fountain, it can be set up right next to your back or front door so you pet can easily access it. No more spilling of water in the kitchen or inside the house, this pet fountain will solve the puzzle of keeping your pet hydrated throughout the hot summer days.

The Automatic Pet Dog Water Fountain is a more sanitary alternative to traditional pet water bowls where stagnant water left over can accumulate bugs, germs and dangerous bacteria. The Automatic pet fountain keeps your pet healthier by providing clean fresh water to drink. Training time for this device will vary depending on the breed of dog and the quality of the training. Hire a professional dog trainer and your pet could begin using this device in less than 30 minutes. The Automatic Pet Dog water fountain is made of high quality durable steel for endurance and will last for years. Includes a standard 3 feet hose which can be extended with a hose splitter.

Our Opinion

A truly ingenious piece of outdoor technology that will take the stress out of constant refilling of water bowls for your pet. We like the fact that it conserves water by only working when your pet steps on the paddle. Also the fact that it’s a far healthier alternative to water bowls where bacteria and other pathogens can accumulate is a plus in our book. We highly recommend this for any dog owner, your pet will thank you for it.

What’s the Cost? 139.99

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