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Portable Solar Powered Rapid iPhone Charger

The Portable Solar Powered Rapid iPhone Charger Re-charges your iPhone in a Flash!

Never find yourself again with a dying phone battery and no place to plug in and recharge. This patented portable solar powered rapid iPhone charger recharges your iPhone portable solar powered charger recharges an iPhone up to 6X faster than traditional solar powered chargers. Ideal for use while camping or hiking or wherever there is no power source to recharge your phone batteries. In test performed, this device recharged an iPhone battery from zero to full capacity 2.8 times before requiring a recharge itself unlike other devices that could not fully recharge an iPhone once. Constructed of durable polycarbonate and automotive grade urethane, this device is sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.   Comes with a built in and adjustable stand that allows the integrated solar panel to be repositioned for optimal sunlight collection and comes with four adapters for powering virtually any kind of smartphone, e-reader, camera or an iPad. Recharges in 12 hours of full sunlight and will also charge in overcast conditions. Measures 8-1/2” length x 5-3/4” width x 1” depth and weighs 1-1/2 pounds.

Our Opinion

This device is similar to our previous post for the portable solar powered generator. However the difference here is that this is a battery device that uses a solar panel to recharge its batteries to recharge any electronic device faster than typical models. Portable and weighs virtually nothing and easy to fit inside your back pack, this device is a must have addition to your camping or hiking gear or simply for general everyday use.

What’s the Cost? $149.95

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