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100 Dollar Bill Rug

100 dollar bill rug

100 dollar bill rug

Ottomanson 100 Dollar Bill Rug – Make Money Your Door Mat!


There Is a belief that if you want to get wealthy then you have to think as though you are already wealthy and place items within your sight that stimulate wealthy thinking. The Ottomanson 100 Dollar Bill Rug when spread across your floor will have you envisioning wealth and seeing it materialize before you.  The hundred-dollar rug is a non-slip rug that features a cool and attractive printed dollar-theme design that can add an instant pop of personality to your living space.


The Ottomanson rug is fancy and contemporary and showcases a professionally printed $100 with details that are accurate and will create a visual impact in any space. With its unique design this rug will become an object of discussion for friends and family when you lay this across the floor of your home or office.  The money rug is made of quality constructed premium nylon fibers reinforced with overlock edges for proven wear-stain-and shed-free performance.


Rubber backing provides optimum skid resistance so there is no need to worry about this rug sliding when you step on it. The 100 Dollar bill rug measures 22” x 53” and is robust, long lasting and guaranteed to be the envy of your friend and family.

Cost? $10.99

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