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10” Selfie Light Ring with Tripod

Selfie Light Ring

Selfie Light Ring

KobraTech 10” Selfie Light Ring with Tripod Lets You Adjust Brightness for Perfect Selfies!

The KobraTech 10” Selfie Light Ring with Tripod lets you adjust brightness of the ring light so your selfies are perfectly illuminated.  If you are a youtuber or video blogger, the selfie light ring is perfect for taking images and videos with well-lighted backgrounds for you to share online with your followers.  It features 11 different brightness settings so you can choose the right illumination for your photo shoot.  The LED ring light is brilliant enough to illuminate everything even in very dark environments and you can take photos from up to 30 feet away from the light ring.  It also offers three color diffusers, cold, warm and white so you can set the right ambiance.
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